"Blood Split" Motions In California DUI Cases

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If you ever have the time, take a road trip down to Southern California and head to San Diego. Mr. Griffin's legal experience is not just limited to advocating for clients, San Diego DUI Lawyer he also completed a federal judicial internship with the Honorable James D. Whittemore, who has presided over numerous high profile cases, including the Terri Schaivo case.

Our San Diego domestic violence lawyers understand how emotional being accused of domestic violence can be. We treat charges of spousal battery, infliction of injury on an intimate partner, child endangerment and child abuse charges with the care and discretion such charges deserve.

At San Diego DUI Attorney, we're not afraid to fight back when the prosecutor is trying to drive an unfair bargain; most prosecutors have already learned not to mistake our professionalism for weakness - we are in court to protect your rights and freedom.

So long as your DUI arrest was lawful, you are required to submit to chemical testing, and if you refuse the chemical test , the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will take immediate action to suspend your license and you could face enhanced criminal penalties if you are convicted of the DUI.

There are attorneys that handle a huge number of driving under the influence cases on a daily basis, leaving them little time and desire to mount an effective and powerful defense for each client and, leaving little opportunity for you to obtain personal service from a successful San Diego drunk driving defense lawyer who instead spends the necessary time to fully strategize all of the facts and law to fight for your rights.

However, it is important to remember that a defense lawyer plays a very significant role in the judicial system because otherwise every accused person would be straightaway sentenced to imprisonment or death without being given a fair chance of hearing, that being the fundamental right of every person, whether a criminal or not.

Whether you have been charged with petty theft , arson, burglary, domestic violence , vandalism, driving under the influence , or any other crime in the state of California, don't hesitate to contact the team at San Diego Defense Pros for the legal counsel you need.

A driving while under the influence in San Diego and the county cities is considered a criminal charge under the jurisdiction of California vehicle code There are heavy penalties implicated with a charge; however, an arrest does not prove guilt until the court hearing gives the verdict.

Under California's Zero Tolerance law, driving with a BAC of 0.01 percent or more constitutes a civil offense for individuals under the age of 21. It will result in automatic DMV suspension of a driver's license unless the driver takes immediate action.