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Samantha Caine, a happily married suburban Mom can't remember anything before the birth of her daughter eight years ago. One night during a car accident she receives a blow to the head and her past slowly begins to come back to her. But it's a race against time when a former enemy sees her on television and breaks out of jail to take revenge for stabbing him in the eye. This is a terrific action adventure movie, which never quite got the credit it deserved.

At one point, Julie asked her readers if anyone's out there paying attention to her. Having blogged for a year, I've often wondered that myself. This is a tender nudge for you to start a dialogue and make a meaningful connection with people you're getting to know online.

THE BOOK OF ELI - January 16, 2010 at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. I was very impressed with this movie. The Hughes Brothers did an excellent job with Gary Whitta's intriguing script. The score, Don Burgess's dead-toned cinematography, and the overall feel of the movie added an extra depth to an otherwise depressing movie. Denzel Washington plays a mysterious loner who travels the plains of a post-apocalyptic world carrying a book that may help mankind. Blocking his way is evil Gary Oldman...who wants the book for his own ends, and will stop at nothing to get it. Aside from a miscast Mila Kunis, all of the performances in ELI are solid. Despite my initial misgivings over director and cast, I was pleasantly surprised at how good BOOK OF ELI is...

Among the gift shops at Legoland Windsor, is the Lego Big Shop. This is the largest Lego store in the UK with the biggest selection of Lego toys. Inside the shop is a life-size statue of Harry Potter and Haggrid and are made entirely out of Lego.

For those who have no idea what I am referencing, allow me to refresh your memory. The Goonies was an epic boyish Adventure film released in 1985. It was the story of a neighborhood band of quirky boys who embark on a pirate's treasure quest in an effort to save their neighborhood from demolition. Along the way, they catch the attention of a low-brow crime family who proceed to race the boys to the treasure.

Great Adventures, in addition to its thrilling rides, also have other forms of entertainment and shows. The Starburst Thursday Night Concert Series for example, will be returning this year with shows every Thursday from June 29 to August 14. In last year's Thursday concerts, famous pop stars like Ne-Yo, Katharine McPhee and the Jonas Brothers were featured. Great Adventure will also be hosting the Sunday Rocks! It is a concert series running every Sunday nights in July and August. Already, Raven Symone is scheduled to be performing on the 24th of August. Park admission and season pass fees includes your concert passes.

As the actual film site is located on private land, no personal visits are allowed. To get to Hobbiton, you will need to go for a guided tour. Registration can be done at Matamata I-Site.

Then one day my Bible teacher began to share her prophetic dream she had about God's end time army: a powerful group of believers possessing supernatural abilities. She was particularly impressed with one dream where these believers were flying from one place to another just like in the Book of Acts when Philip was caught up in the Spirit and taken from one city to another. She saw God's people moving by the Spirit and saving people by any means heaven felt necessary. These believers were defying every law of nature and fulfilling the will of God. It was an amazing time of sharing because several of us had had similar dreams and knew that God was preparing us for a new and exciting life of being supernatural heroes.