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It was like one of the Victorian ones you put the rope round. I think today you call it a cone shape, it was more like an ice cream cone, but slightly dumpier."It was dirty golden colour and had what looked like windows around the top and baubles, but I think I have found pictures of this shape which are identical as I had seen before."Initially it did appear to be spinning round. It sat there with what seemed like forever but it was only four or five seconds then it just shot straight up into the sky at a ridiculous speed and when it was almost just a dot in the sky it went diagonally to the right."A drawing of the UFO Tony believes he sawHad you been taking drugs? "I had tried acid once near the Isle of Wight at a music festival but after I saw my friend have a bad trip I decided not to borther."I didn't smoke either and weed or tobacco and I didn't drink much alcohol."Is anybody out there? Mysterious UFO spotted over CambridgeWhat did you do? "I was only 17.

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