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List your items on eBay. Fill out the title box to identify the article's brand, name, size and colour, using as many accurate keywords (descriptive nouns) as possible in the 55 character heading limit. Remember that the title is critical to search results! Also complete the description box, including any extra size information and shipping details/guidelines (e.g. insurance). Include the tag "NEW" to indicate that the T-shirt has not been used by others.

Advantage Two - If you use a wholesalert-shirt supplier then you have to stock your items. I like using a wholesale t-shirt dropshipper as I don't have to inventory the products. This spares me a tremendous measure of time.

It all seemed simple, and every new idea started with the words "I will just". "I will just rent a store and buy some equipment and I'm good to go" or "I will just buy some T-shirt making equipment and I will be rich". These thoughts swam through my head day in and day out.

After all the donations have arrived the businesses that helped you, and organizations that volunteered would probably like to know how much money the event earned for the charity. Send out a postcard with the total amount earned, and if you plan on doing the event next year let them know that you hope they can be involved again.

Marketing. It's essential in today's design world. You might have a good product but if its weak on branding, labeling, packaging, shelf appeal, matching coat hangers, etc., it'll look bad. Consistency also needs to be achieved across the spectrum including same font, same style, etc. Designing is totally open to new creations and ideas, so anything goes, but there are some boundaries that you don't want to cross, while others you need to break through.

The door chimes, and Michael Palmer walks in wearing a gray "Made in the Nati" t-shirt. We exchange pleasantries and sit down to chat about Nati Evolvement, the t-shirt company he owns with business partners Colin and Adam. I look at him curiously.

1) If you are in school - many colleges and grad schools have intern programs to help their students. Check in with your school's intern coordinators and see if they can help place you and Acttee if they can help coordinate your college credit.