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Spend a few minutes walking just with attention on the breath entering and leaving the body, let go of any unnecessary tension around the breath as it enters and leaves.

Photos. Not only can photos be faked, but, having lived here in Thailand for five years now I can tell you that when looking at amulets just a half inch from their surface with a jeweler's loupe, it is often impossible for me to tell whether the amulet I am looking at is a copy or real. Photos are worthless when trying to assess the value of the amulet being represented.

It is a tradition in Thai theravada Buddhism to cultivate compassion, loving kindness, and mindfulness through many spiritual practices of prayer and meditation. The art of Thai massage is no exception. Thai massage without compassion and mindfulness is like a car without a driver.

Meditation practice is a rich journey best approached with patience, persistence, curiosity and no expectations! Over time, meditating with a group on occasion and seeking guidance from a skilled teacher can greatly support your practice.

In addition to Tai speaking people, there are Chinese who have blended seamlessly with the Thai. Other cultures include Malays, Mon, Khmer, and even Vietnamese.

Buddhism is based on the teachings of Siddharta Gautama, known as the Buddha. His basic teachings are The Four Noble Truths and The Noble Eightfold Path.

Find a Thai amulet seller that doesn't sell using hype. Find one that physically resides in Thailand and that can take photos of an amulet you wish to purchase beside today's Bangkok Post or The Nation newspaper to prove to you the amulet really exists. Order an inexpensive amulet or two as a test before spending more than a hundred dollars on a large order. Can they deliver? What is the quality of Thai amulet the seller sells?

Siddhartha Gautama believed that he had attained a state of being, where he fully understood all of the ins and outs of the human condition. He referred to this level as 'nirvana,' which meant that the termination of his desires ended all of his suffering. He began to spread the word, claiming that through his teachings, this state of bliss could be achieved.