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he can be effective Westbrook had seven assists in the first quarter. Brewer was fouled on a 3 pointer in the fourth quarter and left the game for good with a knee sprain. It easy when things are roses and sunshine to be a good player, p6007 a good teammate, to be a positive coach, 178395 whatever it may be. Last week we noticed that Dennis Pitta played more snaps than not only any other Ravens tight end, but even more than any of their wide receivers. This week that playing time turned into production as he held a 26.

7 percent share of the team targets and was Joe Flacco's preferred target. Steve Smith and Mike Wallace are still the top two receivers here and their snap percentage increased wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping from China 66 and 65 percent in Week 1 to a 71 percent share for 90239 both.