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chip kelly never used him Therefore he had to alter his unorthodox delivery. The more likely theory is that he does indeed have an Anxiety Disorder. He has made two appearances in Toledo and was less than fantastic. And wholesale basketball jerseys second, that Favre was too old to make it through an entire season. They ended up right on both counts Favre had terrible injuries in all three of his remaining years (although he made it to the NFC Championship in the season, that foot injury was probably the career ender), and p786 Rodgers was obviously one of the best of all time.Had Thompson not done this had Thompson stuck with Favre, 852545 traded Rodgers to some other team, and just said "hey, Brett a legend," not one person would blame him, given the overwhelming public opinion and fan opinion.

If Thompson had traded Rodgers, and we are sitting here today with Rodgers absolutely killing it for the Rams or something, we be saying "you can blame Ted, he would have needed a time machine to know to trade Favre instead".