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It really is from this place that visitors can step back-and ride into-the area's rich rail past.

The North Conway Scenic Railroad Station, when a transportation link to all of those other national nation and currently an architectural one to days gone by, was the city's nucleus and center of residents' lives, locally accessed by horse-drawn carts and wagons. Built in 1874 for the Portsmouth, Great Falls, and Conway and designed by Nathaniel J. Bradlee-a Boston architect of considerable notoriety-it was intended to serve the resort community that is growing.

The imposing, dual-towered depot, whoever grandeur represents that of then-typical channels, sports a 136-year-old, attic-installed, brass and iron E. Howard clock, which seems ignorant of this track clack suspension and continues to sweep its hands 360 degrees, 365 days of the entire year.

Its interior, flanked on either part by winding, wooden, tower-accessing staircases, reflects its golden age having an ticket that is original telegraph office, complete with classic instruments, a passenger waiting area/museum (once the Women's Waiting Room), the Brass Whistle present Shop (the former guys's Waiting room), and a storage area (then baggage space). It appears as testament to the city's railroad past and it is one of the nation's few remaining original and depots that are complete.

The 85-foot-long, compressed air motor-driven turntable, enabling a locomotive to be turned either for track positioning or 180-degree reciprocal orientation, accesses the four-stall roundhouse whose sub-track pits facilitate maintenance, repair, and servicing. Its out-of-town employees usually bunk within the wheel-less baggage car close to it.

Along with the depot therefore the roundhouse featuring its turntable, the Freight House, built within the 1870s being a processing point for draymen-inspected cargo papers, is listed on the nationwide join of Historic Places. It currently houses the North Conway Model Railroad Club.

The Conway Scenic Railroad's fleet consists of 13 steam and diesel electric locomotives, significantly more than 40 automobiles and coaches, seven privately owned cabooses, and three privately owned snowfall flangers.
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