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For the average DIYer things become more confusing as from 2006, new a colour scheme will be introduced for cabling.

The tints associated with live and basic wires in electrical cables are changing from red to brown and black colored to blue. This is certainly now just like the wires in flexible leads to appliances that are portable.

As from 31 March 2006, all new wiring must take this new colours.

Why have the guidelines been introduced? The key associated with the guidelines is reduce steadily the quantity of fatalities, accidents and fires caused by defective installations that are electrical. It's also designed to make it harder for 'cowboy builders' to go out of electrical installments in a unsafe condition.

Should you not stick to the regulations, you operate the chance that:

The electrical installation might never be safe.

You should have no record regarding the ongoing work done.
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4. Provide fire fighting and fire detection gear.

Where necessary the accountable individual must:

• Ensure that the premises have appropriate fire equipment that is fighting with fire detectors.
• Record, repair and fire that is maintain gear and any issues in the premises
• Ensure alarms and any fire-fighting that is non-automatic is easily accessible, easy to use and suggested by indications.
• Take measures for fire fighting in the premises and nominate persons that are responsible implement those measures.
• Ensure that the number of such persons, their gear and their training offered to them are sufficient, considering how big, and the hazards that are specific into the premises
• Arrange any necessary contacts with external crisis services, especially in regards to fire-fighting, rescue work and medical and emergency health care bills.

5. Keep all crisis exits clear.

All escape channels must be kept clear at all times and any obstructions removed straight away.