Utilizing Workplace Room Dividers As Decorative Partitions

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This (whip smart) 4th grade student was slicing up his textured paper with reckless abandon and gluing it to his board in a haphazard method. I said, "Let's be sure that we use some intention once we lower and glue our shapes." With out a moment's hesitation he stated "I am doing my collage like Jackson Pollock, my intention was no intention" It utterly caught me off guard and i began to tell him that I believed each splatter that Pollock made had some sense of intention behind it. After which I realized, I'm debating summary expressionism with a 10 year outdated who is clearly having fun with this process, how to make your office more inviting not to mention making a connection to Pollock who we had not even mentioned. It made me pause and smile and i instructed him to hold on!

Nicely accomplished Matthew!

Office Fit Out Interior Design Ideas

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Jessica's design work led to a globally expanding tech firm sending her on a ... and only a handful of small design projects were underway at any given time.
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This was a very open ended challenge I did with my Abstract Art class. I was actually making an attempt to concentrate on process over product and let the youngsters get pleasure from completely different methods of making patterned and textured paper and at last incorporate them in a collage. I first played Pharrell's song "Completely satisfied." I stated this can be the inspiration for our piece.We then made four totally different textured papers: Acrylic scraped with cardboard, wet on wet watercolor, rubbing alcohol and Adirondack ink, and Suminagashi (Japanese paper marbling). Enjoyable and messy! Day 2, I showed them varied collage artwork together with, work by Rex Ray, artist and kids's artwork teacher Mollie Moseley Morrison, and even the Gee's Bend Quilts. They had the choice of painting their base or overlaying it utterly with their collage work. Then I let them loose. I liked seeing the completely different ideas and compositions my 1st by fifth graders came up with. It was a pleasant departure from easy, topic based mostly projects.